We automate, promote and develop. We build portals and design new websites for insurance companies. Linking products and operations with distributors online. Develop advanced back-ends/ CRM to manage the operations. Inquiry pages, instant quoting, comparing, issuing, claims management and online payments. Advanced but friendly user experience. Digital marketing and Leads generation

Lines of Business

We build comprehensive solutions for all lines of business. Such solutions will include automation of operations, instant quotation online, issuance, and building new website and social media platforms


Direct and reinsurance brokers are not only mediator they are the backbone of the insurance industry and the leverage of any services provided by an insurance and/ or reinsurance company.

Example of services provided such as:
-Front-end forms for lines of business, capturing the data of clients and logging pop-up for team members
-Back-end database, and client management tools
-Digital archiving, business trackers, operations and renewal tools
-Digital marketing and leads generation

It is the Automation of a many to many relationship and building a new business solutions for direct business brokers who are ready to digitalize the daily operations and automate the issuance process of policies issued by all companies in the market

Insurance Company

Automation of a one to many relationship Building an online identity, working on branding and digital marketing.

Reinsurance Company

Automation of advanced technicality. Topline reinsurance pricing and underwriting tools. As well as solutions for Facultative business.

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